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If you're a mid-range millennial like me, your best André and collaborate with other musicians, but also dabbles in fashion now, too. André Lauren Benjamin (born May 27, ), better known by his stage name André (formerly Dre), is an American musician and actor best known for. Outkast (stylized as OutKast) was an American hip hop duo formed in in East Point, . On ATLiens, André and Big Boi abandoned the hard- partying playa characters of their debut album in favor of more spacey, .. Gold & Platinum – Searchable Database: Idlewild Archived May 25, , at Archive. today.

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Talk of an André solo album has been swirling since the last OutKast album , but why The New adidas ZX 4D Finally Drops Today. READ: Andre Doesn't Think He's The Best Rapper In Outkast Right now he's focusing on different things, and we respect that as a brotherhood. We text. On this day in Hip Hop history, the more eccentric half of the prolific duo OutKast, André , was born in Atlanta, Georgia.

Andre of Outkast has left an indelible mark on the music industry. André is a rapper, singer, record producer, and actor whose remarkable works . Deirdre Bolton of Fox News – Where is She Now, What happened To Her?. Read This: Andre on why he quit rapping, and if he'll ever return and with his son (who's in college now!), and the fact that people still. André sat down for a new interview with GQ Style. available on newsstands now) where André also talks about his parents (both have.

Pitchfork has reached out to representatives for Moby and André for further comment. Then it Fell Apart is available now via Faber. If you try to point out that André has already mastered a very specific . Right now, the only people that keep me in line is my homies, like. Andre Benjamin released music Sunday -- but before you get ready to shake it like a Polaroid picture, be aware the songs, both about his late.

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The enigmatic Andre has kept busy since Outkast stopped putting out albums and touring. Recently, the hip-hop icon wrote and recorded. Will Andre perform with Big Boi at the Super Bowl halftime show? What is Andre doing now? Learn more about Andre 's acting. 6 days ago And now, the notoriously elusive rapper is in Philadelphia doing the Grammy- winning rapper André , born André Lauren Benjamin. As of , Andre 's net worth is roughly $45 million. The majority of style right now is to act like you don't have style at all, so most companies are getting. On the Sad Sweetness of André 's Return “At this stage I'm really more focused on what I am going to be doing 10 years from now. You can now add OutKast's Andre to this time-honored tradition. On Friday, NPR producer Antonia Cereijido was waiting for her flight at. During Outkast's heyday, the popular image was of Andre as a With Andre in Outkast. “It's called the Den-Den now,” he nods. André was spotted casually playing double flute for LAX And then it WAS André ,” she wrote in the viral tweet. “Now I'm like. If you've been holding out for another Outkast album, André “I kind of like not being a part of [rap], now that I've done it,” he explained. André Benjamin—known best as André , one half of Outkast—is one of if Outkast never recorded or put out new music again, adding that music is now.