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Follow these simple CD cover size specifications to create the graphics for an eye-catching and informative CD jacket. The finished dimensions for the outside of printed CD covers are inches square. The inlay card creates the cover for the back and both spines, while the CD. Let us review the most popular CD cases and define which CD cover size is proper for each of them. We will also list top pros and cons of each type of case and. Printing CD album art inserts can be a headache if you're doing through trial and Click Image at the top of the screen and select Image Size or Attributes..

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Set the paper size to the size of the CD case. Open the word processing program that you're using to print the CD case insert. On the menu bar, click File then. CD Jewel Case Insert Templates for CD Duplication and CD Replication. 2pp CD Template. Actual cover size is x ; Supplied graphics should be x. Answers the question, how large is a CD inlay card / tray card.

compact cd envelope template CD cover size and layout specifications . CD Cover Size Specifications Cd Cover Size, Cd Design, Book Design, Commercial . offers a 1-panel CD insert that is inches by inches. There are other types of CD inserts, covers and inlays offered that have varying. How to design a professional looking CD cover and CD booklet, proper size of a CD cover, design tips.

download templates for CD covers. Code. CD Inserts. Flat Size. Downloads Files. Preview. MINICDSLIM1P. New! 1 panel insert for Mini CD slim jewel cases. take a ruler and a cd cover and use the combination,you will find what has some nice cover tools. just pretend you want to. First, find an image for your CD cover. I decided to You may, of course, use whatever fonts and font sizes you want, but I used the following.

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How to Print the Proper CD Cover Size. By Heather Harris ; Updated September 15, CD cover art needs to fit inside a standard jewel case. Whether you. CD insert templates, CD tray card and booklet template, 2 panel, 4 panel, 6 panel and 8 Contact our art department or call if the insert size or. well i put in 4in by 4in, and it ends up making a dicumaent way smaller than what the cover size is really. I zoom % and its like 1/4 or smaller. i've seen X X and so on what is the pixel size of a cd cover? thanks ss1. Standard compact disc cases adhere to very specific measurements, so as long as you For a CD cover, you will want the size to be exactly inches by . I've tried x and all that, I can never seem to get it just right. It's for the front insert on a slimline jewel CD case. I'm just printing on a. Download Disc Makers free CD templates and DVD templates for your project. We give you the tools you need to create your CD or DVD design, including FTP . You can print out computer-generated covers to size, or make you own CD If you want to create the back cover for a jewel case, as well, the. Learn all about CD jewel case inserts right here at CDROM2GO, your online source for optical media knowledge and retail!. Did you know that adding DVD case inserts to your media project will help give it keep multi-page panels or booklets from shifting and sits opposite the disc tray. cases and therefore come in different sheet sizes than those of jewel cases.