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AOL users have their own web browser and email programs, separate from Windows' Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook Express or Windows Mail. To set AOL Desktop Gold as your default browser and/or email client follow the steps below: Open Desktop Gold. Log in using your username. How do I make aol email my default email address - I am using win xp -sp3 Thanks for any help.

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Dear Dwight, there is no need to amend the registry to set AOL webmail as the default email handler in Windows. Previously, we have reviewed. I have a new computer using windows 7 64 bit. I'm trying to make aol my default email in picasa. it only gives me a choice of outlook or gmail. Set the Default Mail Client to AOL, Hotmail, Gmail, or Yahoo then watch while Windows tries to open Outlook, Windows Live Mail, or some other desktop program you don't use and haven't configured. It really is that easy.

Click on Set this program as default to make it the default mail program. . i want aol mail as my default, i downloaded aim but it still wont show. Hello, This tip is for advanced Windows users. Do not edit your registry if you are not comfortable with such things. To make AOL Webmail your. posted by patjmc 8 years ago AOL is not an option in mailto. How do I make AOL my default email. XP, FF4. tools,options,applications, mailto. AOL is not listed in.

Setting programs as Default for opening files make it very easy to open files without going through the process of specifying which program to. Getting your AOL mail in the Windows Mail app is really easy. to Windows Mail, as well as the AOL SMTP server settings in order to send mail. Mail is the name of the default, built-in email program in Windows 10 and. Restore full function of using AOL As the default email for Windows 10 yesterday is too late. This is something I can do with my old AOL.

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i'm trying to find whAT U describe// explain how to do it using the aol browser/ Your answer on the Chrome did not work/ no settings box for setting mail default . I use AOL mail in AOL Desktop & I tried to set AOL as my default email client in the Win 7 Default Programs>Set Program Access And. Go to this page in Internet Explorer 9 / IE8 (what version of IE do I have?). Note: the beauty of the approach in this tutorial is that without. If you do not want to make the registry edit an alternative is to try a different web browser called Flock that supports AOL as the default email. When in the Acrobat program, and I want to send the doc via email, it always opens up the AOL program even though I cannot find that listed as the def. If he wants to email directly by right-clicking it inside Windows Explorer, by default Windows is using Mozilla Thunderbird to send the file. However, my client. Can anyone help with the instructions to make AOL Mail ( my default for MAILTO for emails on Firefox? a few months ago I clicked on something that. [Help]Going CRAZY trying to set up AOL as default mail for various programs. Do you have the account for AOL setup in the MAIL app yet?. Your Default Email Account is used to send all outgoing messages. How do I set up (or reconfigure) my AOL Email Account in IncrediMail?. However, if you do not use MS Outlook as your primary email client, this type of default behavior might not be desired. Fortunately, you can.