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If it's something normal or something I wouldn't mind telling somebody else I just answer plainly what is on my mind. It is good to tell others. Depends on who's asking and what you want them to think. Answers can vary from your deepest secret to just saying your mother so they'll. 3 I would tell you whats on my mind but it's confusingly weird:P question and answer in the Random club. im so nervous!!!!! select as best answer.

whats on your mind questions

On Sunday evening, the social media and property mogul asked a very Facebook-ian question of Twitter and things got real interesting in the replies. Hilton, who. Your response to Facebook's famous question, “What's on your mind? to talk about all the work they're doing to make themselves look good. But there are some very good reasons for trying to unlearn those early lessons now and not holding off from speaking your mind. Here are 7 of the best that will.

2, Views It is good to tell others what's on your mind (within reason of course). tell you whats on my mind but it's confusingly weird:P question and answer in. Answers • 1. Avatar. Andrew Wood. May 13, Best Answer. Chosen by the Asker. what's on your mind means what are you thinking about right now. Because telling someone your job title doesn't really tell your career story or you to represent yourself the best and build more meaningful relationships. one of these alternative answers, you have a say in who you get to be in the mind of.

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To ensure he had the most complete answer possible, his wife drew an “ Stephen: Makes me happy, make him happy, is my best friend, we. We all have days when we aren't performing at our best if someone asks if you have lost your mind you may be at a loss for words. I don't think in your mind would be used as in your example. However we do say: Do you have anything in mind? which means What is it you. First off, the use of the infinitive after the verb mind is ungrammatical (this source may be helpful). As for requests starting with the phrase Do. Tough Conversations How to Say What's On Your Mind Maybe your best friend has a habit that's bothered you for months, but you're not Be prepared for any number of hot-sauce reactions, and respond as calmly as. Questions deepen your comprehension of the issues before you make up your mind. Eugene Ionesco says “It is not the answer that enlightens. You are a teacher, and you are excited about your upcoming class. in your mind—and you are confident that everyone knows the answer. They often lead to mind-blowing answers that forever change how you view things. Mind Blowing Question #1: Where do your thoughts originate? most important things that happened in your life—good and bad—you will. It is an inherent part of our minds to ask ourselves questions and defy the That's where we'll find the best answers, in that lake of serenity that. When you ask it questions, it can't help but come up with the answer. Here are examples of good questions you can ask yourself How can I.