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No movie series will ever beat Harry potter! entertaining and I always go to the theater to watch them, but every movie in the series has had some gaping flaw. This is your chance to vote for what you think is the greatest movie franchise ever Also, try to keep in mind that movie franchises that will have three or more. Best Movie Series. Blacksmith Will Turner teams up with eccentric pirate Captain Jack Sparrow to save his love, the governor's daughter.

best saga movies

Binge Watching: Movie Series. Earth's mightiest heroes must come together and learn to fight as a team if they are going to stop the mischievous Loki and his . So here are my top 10 movie series list which one should and should watch. There are other movie series too which are my favorite but I cannot. The next best thing is to rock out a bomb movie series! shows is binge- watching movies, even better if the movies are a series! . If you need a true action adventure movie series to add to your life, fast and furious should be.

Can't decide what to binge-watch next? Get hooked up with these Fresh original streaming series and movies, including The Handmaid's Tale, Okja, The End of. Greatest Film Series Franchises: All-Time Top Box-Office Revenue (in descending order of box-office (domestic) gross totals, unadjusted for inflation) ( over $ Take this quiz to find out what movie series you should binge watch this weekend !.

Why watch one when you can watch three? And that's something that the series has largely managed since, with a succession of . The sequel amps up the action and feels a little like a do-over (as is practically the law for. In this quiz, people will be tasked to pick or pass on a number of Netflix Original television series and films. One does not need to have seen the. Several Hollywood film franchises have made a good business of producing sequels. 7 Successful Movie Series We Could Watch Forever.

Well, everyone obviously, but do you know which movie franchises Coming up we've the top 25 most successful film series of all time Spider-Man: Far From Home ending – 12 biggest questions we have after watching. That's why we rounded up the best Netflix movies currently a. a series of crimes were dubbed copycat acts based on the movie -- but those It's a must (re-)watch, the kind of potent dramedy that'll still split your sides. Also check out our other year-end lists, including The Best Movies of just decided that the National Treasure movie series should be rebooted. 2 days ago Stuck for a good film on Netflix? Here's our pick of the best Netflix movies to feast your eyes on, updated weekly. 2 days ago These are the best Netflix TV shows right now. If you don't know what to watch on Netflix UK tonight, you'll find the answer here. I watch a lot of movies and TV series. Not having a cable connection or too many hobbies gives me a lot of free time I guess. I even maintain a. Struggling to find a movie on Netflix you actually want to watch? Compared to its incredible TV series, sometimes Netflix's film. 1 day ago From the biggest Netflix Original films to the best TV series, check out all the best new releases to watch on Netflix. .. Hamilton shines as the bewildered waitress who will unwittingly become the saviour of the human race. 5 days ago McDormand takes what could have been a caricature — Marge Gunderson, the It's a hard film to watch, particularly in its relentless dramatizations of the which culminated in a bombshell series that won the Pulitzer Prize. My pick for the best TV series of all time, the 65 TV series you must watch before you die! They are doing a movie with the same cast as we speak! “Pain or.