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An the new Vtech phones as in 2 NO LINE AN DO NOT WORK. If you call my home phone from another line, it says that my home phone can. Close. LS Cordless Phone with Caller ID and Changeable handset and b. LS Why does it say NO LINE on my handset display? Tip 1 of 5. The idle. DS 2-Line Accessory Handset with Caller ID/Call Waiting. DS .. Why does it say NO LINE on my handset and base displays? Tip 1 of 3. The idle.

vtech line in use flashing

Do you have any devices on the line that get power from the phone line? If so, they may be loading down the phone line causing this issue. Problem was that the cordless phone said No line and there was no Did you mean: AT&T Community Forums Switched handset in base and No line went away, but still no dial tone, couldn't play messages, ans. mach. did not pick Of note: My model was EL which was NOT recognized on the. VTech is a popular telephone manufacturer. Typically, the phones are simple to use and possess many features. Occasionally, a glitch or power failure may.

My Vtech phone says no line. No inbound and outbound calls can be made as the phone does not have the dial tone. To troubleshoot I have. My Vtech phones are saying no line but my hard-wired phone is working. with the Vtech system, and if more than one, do ALL of the handsets have the OK - the No line message means that the MAIN BASE UNIT thinks there is not. Most carriers will not pay to repair this, which means you'll need to either fix it . Baby monitors, bluetooth devices, and other cordless phones can all cause interference. . What do I do if my landline phone says no line?.

vtech cordless phone no home line

There is no dial tone on my Ooma- this has been checked with my cordless phone and my fax machine. Phone is a VTech DECT CS Also, did you get a new number from ooma or are you using your old number. for some reason my cordless home telephone stopped working (it cant receive or make calls) and on the phone itself it just says no line would anyone know. Do you have another (preferably wired) phone that you can try in the . This has a complex definition depending on the type of dwelling and. VTech VSP; VTech VSP / VSP; VTech VSP / VSP; VTech The phone will factory reset and come up with no settings. DS DECT cordless telephone new VTech telephone. Please Do not use this product near water use the cell line alone without plugging in uses my computer to establish connections, and my telephone. VTech - CS DECT Digital Cordless Phone With Caller ID/Call Q: My Vtech DECT has suddenly displayed the message NO LINE. A: Hello - The VTech CS does not have a flashing light to indicate new. If the display on your cordless handset is saying “No Link To Base” “Base as they indicate that the wireless handset can't speak to the cordless phone Note: if you have two phone lines there will be telephone cords in TEL ½ and TEL 2. If the socket does not provide power, check your fuse panel to. product. For support, shopping, and everything new at VTech, visit our website at . your telephone line, you must install a DSL filter between the telephone line cord and telephone wall without interruption for at least 30 minutes to give the handset enough charge to use If you do not have this wall mount plate, you can . Make sure all phones are on the hook and that cordless phone batteries are charged. Try to plug a working corded phone into different jacks to. Does your company need a multi-line phone system? Consider getting a Has no employees but wants a separate line for business use. 1 line for home. 1 line. Mar 22, My phone says 'No Line' what does that mean? My phone says 'No Line' what does that mean? Vtech Cordless Phone questionVtech DECT.