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In some ways it's not possible, of course, to put everything about God into one sentence. God is infinite, and we'll never fully understand His. If you did not believe in God, and that the only way to salvation was through Jesus, then you were doomed to an eternity in Hell instead of the. If you believe this, you will be at rest. Believing it does not mean that you sense it is like that or that you understand it to be like that. Having faith means that you.

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When the answer is, I don't know, what does it means, is this a wasted people who are confused can believe in God if you define it properly. Why Believe In God - Is there a greater being we should accept as real or true? Why or why not? Find out more here. Just once wouldn't you love for someone to simply show you the evidence for God's existence? No arm-twisting. No statements of, You just have to believe.

Is there a God? There are three valid answers to this question. Yes, no, and don't know. After that, the reasonable question is Why do you. In the distant past, no humans believed in God. But as our lives became more complex, we created religious institutions to guide us. If you're constantly being told that people who don't believe in your god are evil, immoral, and a threat to the stable social order, then you would never dream of.

In last week's New Statesman, I asked 30 leading public figures why they believed in God. H. Author's Note: This is the thirteenth installment in my days, blogs challenge. You can read the previous installment here. I started my stint (and love . You do not wake up one morning, brush your teeth, and say, today I am going to believe in God. Today I am going to have faith. Something has to happen for.

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I think it's very reasonable to believe in God. Let me tell you why: The universe exists, and it must have a cause, everything that begins to exist. Indicate whether or not you believe in a monotheistic, omniscient God. Learn what others believe about God and religion. I didn't believe in God, but mostly I didn't care. Believing in What can we do to be more effective in our mission of leading these people to faith? Lots of things. “Then,” he said, “in front of witnesses, tonight, you must give up this childish faith in God. If you do not, then it will cripple you intellectually and you will suffer by. Conversely, when respondents say they do believe in God, what do they believe in – God as described in the Bible, or some other spiritual. Why I Believe in God - In response to an atheist's question, this man answers the most important question. Why does he believe in God?. The question has been a staple of American religious attitude surveys since Gallup first asked it in With some 95 percent of Americans. When you're asking a question with an expected answer, and that answer is the opposite But what does that phrase mean, “believe in God”?. There are many people around the world who believe in the supernatural world, which would include God or “the gods.” Even if we exclude adherents of pagan. During my mission preparation, I have had many friends say they do not believe in God. When I hear them say this, I find myself praying for them. They may not.